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CPA Canada's Leadership and Management webinars are a free service for members and employers/recruiters using CPA Source. Register for the CareerVision newsletter to receive notification of upcoming webinars.

The webinar topics focus on career advancement and staff management issues and are offered from January-June and September-November. The format is a 45 minute presentation by a featured speaker, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

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November 22, 2017
Planning and Sustaining Your Capacity
Speaker: Lisa Martin

Are you seeking proven strategies to manage stress and demands so you can get more out of your whole life? This session will show you a proven methodology to plan your capacity and sustain it throughout the year. You will learn about:

  • why it’s so important to take a long view with capacity planning − and what happens if you don’t
  • how to tell if you are operating at optimal capacity or at risk of boredom or burning out
  • the one thing you must do to identify your highest priorities, focus and direction for an entire year
  • a three-step process to ensure you do the right things instead of more things
  • the secret to successful calendar planning so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you
  • what you can do daily to maximize your productivity and achieve the goals you set for the year
  • the new crucial role of Fridays in your game plan

October 24, 2017

Public Speaking: Creating Audience-Centric Presentations
Speaker: Suzannah Baum

The ability to give presentations in a clear and engaging way is a must-have skill in any industry. It requires focusing on the essentials and delivering in a way that is most relevant to your audience.

This session will share a step-by-step formula for creating impactful presentations − allowing you to turn every public speaking opportunity into a rewarding and results-driven experience. You will learn about:

  • a proven process for crafting structured, engaging and audience-centric presentations
  • key questions you must ask before building your presentation, which will guide you to creating compelling, meaningful content
  • the process behind the Diamond Speech Structure™ flowchart and how it will help make your future presentations faster, easier and more effective
  • techniques to reduce the anxiety of public speaking

June 15, 2017

Help Your Boss Be a Coach
Speakers: Mari-Lynn Misener and Olivia Roth

Whether you’re in a formal coaching relationship or not, this session provides key tips on how to get the most out of a coaching relationship with anyone currently in the position of guiding you through your career. You will learn about:

  • acting as a good coachee in the context of a manager/staff relationship
  • leveraging your manager(s) in their day-to-day work to accelerate your development
  • remaining open to feedback and ask the right questions during performance review time
  • taking ownership and structuring meetings that are productive and forward-focused

May 25, 2017

Are Your Conversations Building Trust?
Speaker: Eileen Chadnick

Communications efficacy is critical for leaders, trusted advisors and talent across the spectrum. More than words and exchanges of information, each conversation has the potential to trigger a reaction, both emotionally and in our neurochemistry, that can either shut down or open up our levels of trust, our ability to listen and hear, and our ability to connect. This webinar introduces Conversational Intelligence®, which draws from emotional intelligence, neuroscience and communications. Conversational Intelligence teaches new approaches and skills to promote healthier conversational dynamics and potentially prime for better relationships and more positive cultures. You will learn about:

  • the neuroscience of conversations and how trust and/or distrust impact our communications efficacy
  • critical (and common) communications blind spots
  • how to trigger more trust in conversations with strategies to prime yourself and others for successful dialogues, relationships and outcomes

March 22, 2017

Creativity: Overused Buzzword or Business Lifeline?
Speaker: Michael Kobrin

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Future of Jobs Report, creativity will become the third most important skill by 2020. While many companies use the words creativity and innovation on a daily basis, very few take the time to define what these words mean in the context of corporate culture, strategy and business processes. You will learn about:

  • defining “creativity”
  • identifying the key drivers of creativity and innovation
  • better recognizing and using your creative gifts and talents
  • applying new tools to help promote brainstorming, collaboration and creative problem-solving

February 22, 2017

Five Ways to Build Presence
Speaker: Lisa Martin

If you’re a leader in an organization, you want to appear confident and decisive, have the ability to build strong relationships, communicate effectively and display grace under pressure. You also need to be able to command the room, leave a lasting impression and inspire a sense of trust in others. In short − you need presence. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • why presence is the “X-Factor” of the business world − who’s got it and who doesn’t
  • how people who exude presence can easily influence others and get what they want, including promotions and more pay
  • the five elements of building presence and why you need to master each one
  • how body language says more about you than you think
  • the most important thing leaders must do to support their people and elevate their presence

January 25, 2017
Managing Your Inner Critic
Speaker: Wendy Woods

We’ve all got one. The Inner Critic. The Judge. The Saboteur. Whatever you call it, this sabotaging inner voice impacts your performance, productivity and leadership. In fact, self-criticism activates the fight or flight response rather than serving as a motivating force. Yet, how do you identify, calm and manage your inner critic? Discover strategies to handle your inner critic so that you can achieve greater success. At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • understand the impact of self-criticism on the brain
  • use strategies to manage the inner critic
  • develop a plan for keeping the critic in its place and helping you and your team do the same

November 16, 2016

The Five Question Leader
Speaker: Michael Bungay Stanier

This webinar provides practical coaching tools that you can use right away to enhance your managerial and team experience at work.

The coaching specialists at Box of Crayons realize a fancy coaching model doesn’t really help anyone coach. Having trained more than 10,000 managers in practical coaching skills, they know that mastering just five essential questions can significantly elevate your impact as a manager, and that of your team. In this practical webinar, you will:

  • discover the three vicious cycles that keep managers and their teams stuck
  • learn the five core questions you need so that you, and those you lead, can focus on the work that matters
  • get three quick-to-master techniques to ask a question well − it’s harder to do than it sounds
  • find the most powerful coaching question of them all − and it has just three words

October 13, 2016
Let's Talk! Having Effective Career Conversations with Your Staff
Speakers: Sandra Oliver and Mari-Lynn Misener

This webinar will discuss logistics such as the frequency of conversations, specific questions to ask and how to deliver feedback in a way that propels staff forward and better equips them to achieve their career goals. Using coaching techniques that can be applied to career conversations with staff, you will also learn:

  • what it means to be a good coach in the context of a career conversation
  • the four elements of a career plan and how to work with staff to develop a plan that aligns with their strengths and interests
  • how to coach on specific areas to help staff execute a career plan
  • how to develop an effective feedback process based on clear and direct communication

September 13, 2016
Creating Virtual Teams That Thrive
Speaker: Shawn Stratton

Virtual teams can manage their work and personal lives more flexibly, and they have the opportunity to interact with colleagues around the world. Learn how your company can use the best global talent while significantly reducing expenses.

As companies continue to expand globally, the number of people working in teams with colleagues and managers separated by many miles, and often different time zones, is growing. Becoming a competent virtual team manager is now a necessity for today’s leaders.

This webinar offers tips on how you can become more effective in creating and managing your virtual teams. You will learn:

  • how to hire employees with the potential to thrive on virtual teams
  • when and how to run effective virtual meetings
  • creative team-bonding exercises
  • how to address cultural sensitivity
  • how to set a reward system to keep virtual individuals and the team motivated
  • positive and negative consequence of using multiple communication tools

June 7, 2016
Grow Your Capacity for Career Success
Speaker: Crystal Campbell

This webinar is sponsored by Robert Half

This webinar focuses on your capacity to grow, meet challenges and take on greater responsibility, all of which are key ingredients for career success. Many people don’t recognize their own ability to evolve, progress and attain their goals. As a result, they may stay stuck and ultimately be passed over for career advancement opportunities. You will learn:

  • the importance of investing in yourself
  • top tips to keep you engaged and ensure you’re not stagnating
  • the “six Cs” that will support you in achieving your career goals
  • strategies to evolve your thinking and expand your skill sets
  • how to tap into key internal and external resources to give yourself a competitive advantage

May 12, 2016

Having Influence: Understanding Why Most People Aren't Heard
Speaker: Vik Maraj

This webinar addresses peoples’ blind spots and the false wisdom we unwittingly use when we try to influence others. Walk away with a new awareness of why you sometimes don’t get what you want and what you can do about it. You will learn:

  • how clichéd statements turn off your audience
  • how your selective listening is ruining your credibility
  • specific words that create impact
  • how questions demand attention
  • statements that make people commit

March 30, 2016

Followership: Leadership is Half the Story
Speakers: Samantha Hurwitz, CPA, CMA, CHRL and Marc Hurwitz, MBA, PhD

This webinar is sponsored by Robert Half

Can you imagine a choreographer training only one dancer to lead while his or her partner sits in the lobby staring at the wall? Unthinkable. Yet this happens all the time within organizations. Half the partnership is missing. In fact, research shows that it takes both roles − leadership and followership − to get the best careers and the best organizations.

This webinar is for everybody who cares about being their best at work, and having more influence and impact. Based on over 10 years of research and development, the speakers offer a host of new ideas and practical advice. You will learn:

  • ways to be brilliant in your followership role, leadership role and coaching for followership
  • how to supercharge your agility, productivity and effectiveness
  • how to create more collaborative teams

February 23, 2016

Goals at Work
Speaker: Eileen Chadnick

This webinar is sponsored by Robert Half

Having meaningful goals is important for one’s success, fulfilment and their personal and professional well-being. But different types of goals will serve different needs. While having the right goal can inspire it’s also important to have the right strategies, mindset and action plans to ensure you achieve them. What happens when willpower lags? What about the obstacles that come into play? How big do the goals need to be to truly inspire?

This free webinar explores the ins and outs of meaningful goal setting and strategies for achievement. We will tap into the research and science beyond what works and what doesn’t and dip into some neuroscience, positivity truths and myths and behavioural principles. You will learn:

  • why having goals is important to one’s well-being
  • what kinds of goals are important
  • what traps to avoid
  • how to create success with your goals and commitments
  • what derailers to avoid
  • truths and myths regarding willpower, motivation and more

January 20, 2016

Get Organized: Up Your Value Proposition
Speaker: Colleen Clarke

Discover the personal motivators that will facilitate your desire to become more organized as well as build your confidence and comfort level around setting priorities and taking action. The appearance of being organized presents you in a positive, professional light to both your employer and colleagues. You will learn about:

  • identifying time wasters and interruptions that slow down productivity
  • multi-tasking: does it exist, is it productive − or does it slow you down
  • nine ways to say no without saying no and examining how, where and with whom to use them
  • ten strategies of organization, some of which are life changing
  • tips on overcoming procrastination by lowering your pain threshold

November 17, 2015

How to Create and Deliver a Powerful Presentation
Speaker: Suzannah Baum

Creating and delivering a structured, engaging and compelling presentation is a must-have skill in the financial and accounting industry. But it’s not enough to simply get up and speak, present information on a slide and hope that “something sticks.”

This webinar will share a uniquely effective step-by-step formula for creating informative, persuasive and powerful presentations, sharing tools and techniques that can be used to turn every public speaking opportunity into a rewarding and results-driven experience. You will learn:

  • a proven process to focus the key elements of your presentation in a structured, clear and compelling way
  • how to position your presentation to gain the highest level of trust in your team, customers and supervisors
  • how to create such high levels of engagement that your audience is hanging onto your every word
  • the Diamond Speech Structure™ flowchart, which will help make all your future presentations faster, easier and more effective than ever before
  • the relationship between speaking confidence and rock-solid speech structure
  • techniques to increase public speaking confidence

October 22, 2015

15 Web Trends You Can't Ignore
Speaker: Randall Craig

Websites don't sign engagement letters, but they play a critical role within the marketing and business development process. Yet firms rarely take advantage of the latest thinking on how the web fits into the picture. Or they rely on outdated thinking that does more damage than good.

Based on two decades of experience developing websites for professional service firms, this webinar explores the changes, implications and opportunities that web trends create. You will learn about:

  • how to leverage thought leadership by exploiting the connection between the web, social media and customer relationship management
  • how new legal requirements require you to adopt web accessibility and why this is important
  • the other 95 per cent: addressing the needs of users who don't "convert"
  • how lead generation forms must change to comply with new privacy laws − and still generate leads
  • eleven other key trends and what you must do to prepare for them

October 14, 2015
Finding Jobs and Staff in the Digital Recruitment Landscape
Speaker: Rowan O’Grady

Hays Canada President, Rowan O’Grady, will present on the changing landscape of recruitment due to technology and the advent of digital. Digital recruitment is no longer about posting a job on a job board and goes beyond headhunting on LinkedIn. This session will give insights into how to build a cohesive strategy so that you can target the right professionals for your roles. He will also offer a sneak peek into the findings of the Hays 2016 Salary guide. Attend this webinar to:

  • learn how to build a strong digital profile, source the latest opportunities and raise your professional profile with key organizations
  • gain insight into how employers can build a strong digital strategy and raise their profile as a top employer of choice
  • get a preview of what 2016 will look like in terms of job opportunities, compensation and benefit trends, and how the market may change from a recruitment standpoint due to economic factors and business successes in 2015

September 24, 2015
How to Get Promoted
Speakers: Sandra Oliver and Claire Carver-Dias

In their fourth annual webinar, Sandra Oliver and Claire Carver-Dias will draw on their collective experience helping thousands of professionals achieve success. You will learn about:

  • ways to get your next promotion
  • suggestions on the preparation required to win a promotion, whether that opportunity is imminent or several years away
  • how to deal with competitive and non-competitive selection processes
  • the top 10 proven tips on how to take that next step in your career

June 4, 2015

Developing a Positive and Successful Mindset
Speaker: Colleen Clarke

Negative self-talk and communication is ingrained in each one of us. The defining moments you experience in this session will increase your self-esteem and improve your interpersonal relations. This webinar will address:

  • identifying activities, thoughts and communication that lift you up or drag you down
  • learning positive communication words and phrases that heighten self-confidence and improve relationships
  • focusing on empowering beliefs which will eliminate limiting beliefs in your day to day communication
  • replacing low energy words with high energy words
  • creating awareness of positive body language “speak"

May 13, 2015

Embracing Change You Didn't Ask For
Speaker: Crystal Campbell

Change is an unavoidable fact. At any point your role, boss, team or workplace can, and will, inevitably change. Still, it's one thing to have hope when change is of our own making. But what do you do when it's thrust upon you? The key is to be ready, see beyond your current chaos and spot new opportunities. This webinar will address:

  • the different types of change adapters and which type of adapter you are
  • how to optimize your response to change
  • practical tips to survive and thrive when the next curve ball comes your way

March 18, 2015

Emotional Intelligence: Success from the Inside Out
Speaker: Wendy Woods

As a professional, your cognitive skills have helped you reach your current level of success. At this point in your career, IQ or technical skills are no longer a real competitive advantage. The foundational skill of EQ is emotional self-awareness, the ability to recognize and understand your emotions, which helps in managing your relationships and results. This webinar will address:

  • cultivating self-awareness for greater success
  • enhancing your EQ to get to the next level

February 26, 2015

Leadership-Ability at Work
Speaker: Eileen Chadnick

Learn about leadership-ability. Whether you are an aspiring leader, emerging leader or someone who has been in the role for some time, there is always room to up the ante on your leadership-ability. This webinar will address:

  • the difference between managing and leading
  • setting the foundation for success with an essential leadership mindset
  • fundamental skills and abilities that you must have − or develop − to be an effective leader
  • strategies to bring yourself and your people from good to great