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Free Webinars

Public Speaking: Creating Audience-Centric Presentations

October 24, 2017 − 12:30 p.m. ET

The ability to give presentations in a clear and engaging way is a must-have skill in any industry. It requires focusing on the essentials and delivering in a way that is most relevant to your audience. This session will share a step-by-step formula for creating impactful presentations − allowing you to turn every public speaking opportunity into a rewarding and results-driven experience. You will learn about:

• a proven process for crafting structured, engaging and audience-centric presentations

• key questions you must ask before building your presentation, which will guide you to creating compelling, meaningful content

• the process behind the Diamond Speech Structure™ flowchart and how it will help make your future presentations faster, easier and more effective

• techniques to reduce the anxiety of public speaking

Planning and Sustaining Your Capacity

November 22, 2017 − 12:30 p.m. ET

Are you seeking proven strategies to manage stress and demands so you can get more out of your whole life? This session will show you a proven methodology to plan your capacity and sustain it throughout the year. Participants will learn:

• why it’s so important to take a long-view with capacity planning (and what happens if you don’t)

• how to tell if you are operating at optimal capacity or at risk of boredom or burning out

• the one thing you must do to identify your highest priorities, focus and direction for an entire year

• a 3-step process to ensure you do the right things instead of more things

• the secret to successful calendar planning so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you

• what you can do daily to maximize your productivity and achieve the goals you set for the year

• the new crucial role of Fridays in your game plan


Profile: Janet McGhee, CPA

~ Lorie Murdoch

Janet McGhee's insight to entrepreneurial CPAs is that running a business will likely prove harder than any other position but eventually, you can manage your own time and will often feel “amazing” as you help improve clients’ lives. “The designation gives confidence to those who trust you with their financial needs. It has given me a lot of freedom and opportunities to try my hand in various areas before starting my own business.”

10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

~ The Mason Group

Are you always stressed about work? Do you have a boss or colleagues from hell? Do you feel like an outcast at the office? If you can’t remember the last good day you’ve had at work, it might be time to seriously consider quitting your job.

Coaching a Power Personality

~ Sandra Oliver

Many people have had experience working with someone who makes them feel powerless. These “power” personalities thrive on just that – power. Being in charge is a thrill and they willingly take on more power in as many situations as possible as a way to achieve complete control. Power personalities are often unafraid and they relish confrontation.

Employees at Odds: Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in the Workplace

~ HRdownloads

Working with others by its very nature involves some degree of conflict. But there’s a critical difference between the everyday minor conflicts that arise from sharing ideas and working as a team, and the unproductive conflicts that can leave the workplace atmosphere tense and uncomfortable.


Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance

Develop the knowledge and skills needed to support strong decision making, set smart performance targets and generate meaningful insights for your organization. CPA Canada’s Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance will guide you through topics such a strategic performance, profitability, pricing and measuring outcomes to increase the success of your organization.

Featured CPA Source Job Postings

Bilingual Director of Financial Planning & Analysis


Ottawa, ON


Knightbridge Robertson Surrette

Halifax, NS

Director Finance & Administration

City of Toronto

Toronto, ON

Senior Analyst, Contract Risk & Management

Community Living BC

Vancouver, BC

Sr Financial Advisor


Calgary, AB

Off the Shelf

Intentional Relationships: How to Work and Succeed with Others

We are constantly building relationships, either through family ties, a shared workspace, a favourite hobby, or some other repeated interaction. But do we ever take a moment to consider why we are in a relationship with a particular person, how we can make important relationships stronger, and how we can avoid unhealthy relationships? Fortune 500 consultant and author Ken Tucker answers these questions and more in a surprising and career-enhancing way.

Workplace Research

Sleepless in the C-suite

The biggest work challenges for Canadian CFOs are anxieties about their personal job performance and the pressure to recruit quality employees, according to a survey of 270 CFOs.

34% say poor performance on the job keeps them up at night.

27% say finding and hiring the right talent for open jobs is their biggest worry.

13% acknowledge conflict with colleagues or supervisors is their biggest stressor.

HR Findings

Trust in the Workplace

More than one-third (37%) of employees do not trust their immediate supervisor to make decisions with their best interest in mind, according to a survey of U.S. business and HR representatives.

76% believe their colleagues will follow through on their responsibilities.

81% say their company trusts them to do their job well when working autonomously.

84% say they trust and believe in the mission of their organization.

Source: © Canadian HR Reporter, by permission of Carswell, Toronto, Ontario, 1-800-387-5164. Web:

The ONE National Conference 2017

September 18-19, 2017 − Ottawa

Event Details and Registration

Jointly presented by CPA Canada and CPA Ontario, The ONE is a multi-track event designed for CPAs who want to be at the top of their game. 

In addition to Financial Reporting and Accounting, Management Accounting/Finance, and Tax tracks, Leadership topics include:

• Synergology: Decoding non-verbal communication

• Gender diversity on boards

• Keeping Canada and your organization safe from cyber threats

• The anticipatory CPA: How to get ahead and stay ahead

• Leading in fraudulent times

Success Podcast Series: Leadership and Performance Measurement

In this special six-part podcast series, we explore a wide range of topics that focus on leadership and performance management. Discover how critical skills in leadership and PM are for a successful CPA career. View Details.



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