2007 CA Profession Compensation Survey

2007 Chartered Accountant Salary Survey

In July-August 2007, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and the Provincial Insitutes/Ordre conducted the CA Profession compensation survey.

Detailed results of the findings are presented below. The Chartered Accountant Salary Survey is organized into separate files to make it easier for members to find the information they are looking for. The Summary Report contains key highlights from the findings. The Regional Reports provide detailed information for the major regions within Canada as well as a separate report for the Bermuda/U.S./International findings.

Click on the links below to access the reports of the Chartered Accountant Salary Survey.

Summary Report

Summary Report (English)
Summary Report (French)

Regional Reports



Bermuda, United States, International

British Columbia / Territories



Quebec (English)

Quebec (French)



The CICA commissioned iTracks to complete the chartered accountant salary survey over the Internet. The survey was e-mailed by iTracks to 54,128 active and retired members. 3,251 e-mails were hard bounce backs so 50,877 received the survey in total. 17,840 members responded for a response rate of 35%. 62 respondents (likely retired members) who did not work in 2006 are included in the 17,840 but were only asked questions related to their board participation and related compensation. In addition, the 88 respondents who did not work for at least one full time month in 2006 were not included in the chartered accountant salary survey analysis. 247 responses were also excluded in the analysis of work related compensation due to data entry errors identified while validating responses. 320 of the members who responded earned their CA in 2007 and were not a CA during the reporting period for the survey (2006). Their responses are shown separately in an analysis of compensation for CA students but not included in the overall CA compensation statistics. In total, 17,123 CAs were included in the analysis of CA compensation in the chartered accountant salary survey. Unless otherwise specified, compensation figures shown in the chartered accountant salary survey include annualized data for members who did not work for the entire year and/or who worked part-time for all or part of the year.